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Commercial Real Estate Company

This real estate company was facing major cash flow issues due to drastic premium increases for employee healthcare. With our consulting, they are now spending less per employee (2019) than they did in 2010 before our management strategies.

Annual Savings by Year

$478,965 (2015)
$696,651 (2016)
$572,282 (2017)
$840,356 (2018)
$1,106,820 (2019)

Luxury Auto Group

This is a family-owned auto group stocks and sells inventory of primarily pre-owned, luxury cars. The employees love their new health plan and the employer has been successful driving healthcare costs down consistently year after year.

Annual Savings by Year

$144,113 (2016)
$120,027 (2017)
$107,687 (2018)
$156,442 (2019)

Home Health Care

With over 100 employees on their health plan, almost any increase in insurance premiums would have devastating effects to their yearly budget. In 2016, when this hospice company was facing a 13.18% renewal increase, they knew there had to be a better way.

Cumulative Savings by Year

$184,031 (2016)
$355,705 (2017)
$449,884 (2018)
$457,678 (2019)


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